Class Schedule


Monday Chest and Shoulder Day ,Tone and Burn Target ZONE

Tuesday 5k- Walk or Run- Couch to full 5k training by Jeff Galloway

Wednesday LEG DAY- Training with Tread- Tone and Burn Target ZONE

Thursday 5k Walk or Run, Couch to Full 5k Training by Jeff Galloway

Friday Biceps and Triceps-Tone and Burn Target ZONE

Saturday 6:30 am Morning Sunrise Yoga- Beginner to Intermediate (first come, first serve on mats)


Evening classes:

Monday Cardio Drumming 6:30pm–(Call 904-484-8443 for equipment availability to participate)

Tuesday 5:15 Guns & Calisthenics Sculpt Class

Thursday 5:15pm Sun Guns & Calisthenics Sculpt Class