Leaping to HOPE

So this past month marks 2 years of working for myself, and one year of completely firing all my bosses (though my bosses were wonderful).

There’s an amount of fear that comes with working for yourself; taking the leap. However, once your mind has been expanded, there’s no going back.

I wish to leave a legacy for my kids, not work for someone else’s, and my family be forgotten. 

But there is also struggle when you set out on a big adventure, as well as many learning curves. And most importantly, there’s a whole lot of failing. There are people who reject you, yet  people who you inspire and link arms with you. You and these people fight for each other.

There’s a new person you get to grow into, and in doing so, sometimes you out grow other relationships.

There are people who come along beside you and keeps your faith high and prayers answered; there’s times when people fail you and leave.

Still you move and fail forward.

I work now to reap the benefits of tomorrow. It will all be worth it, because I know where I’m going. I know it’s God breathed, and who am I to say no ?

I create my life, and I create the legacy that I leave. I decide how many lives I reach out to with open arms and heart.

I decide.

Every time I smile at the cashier instead of rush through. Every free smoothie given to a mom of four, who works hard yet never feels worthy of caring for herself. See, I’d want someone to “snatch” me and show me taking control of my life is possible. I’d want someone to show me God’s love is alive and someone cares and believes in me. Who am I to withhold this kindness and grace from others?

You can be the difference, but only if you want. I don’t just sell things; I bring lives together and create endless possibilities and inspire dreams to become reality. I don’t sell things, I’m a mouth and feet that share hope. H.O.P.E.